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EZ Knottm, Ties all the fishing knots you need, faster, EZer, stronger
Ties All types of fishing line, mono, braided, and fly line (even ties them to one another)

How the EZ KNOT Works
lure knot Float Stop
   Hook snells                  Lure         Loops               Line to line                   Float stop              weight stop  and More knots
Knotting tool, that makes knot tying fast, and easy, for young, old, pro, and weekend fishermen
The EzKnot fishing knot tool
click above image for details

EzKnot $0.95
Instructions are not supplied with these but can be downloaded and printed here (instructions)
I suggest you just get you tool and sit at the computer, click each knot
Photo for how to tie them (ALL THE KNOTS)
There is a $1.95 S&H
Charge on all orders under $19.95

Order at the Bottom of the Wiggle Rig order page

Product reviews:
BOB LAMB/Tribune outdoors editor  Bob Lamb
Outdoor Florida
J. Michael Kelly, Syracuse N.Y. The Post Standard
Eyes getting bad, click here, see how the EZ knot will give you years more fishing

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The one knot, For "every" style of fishing! The Versatility of the EZ knot , makes it the only knot you need to learn, to tie, Just one simple knot of, four wraps, and a tuck. under them, ties them all
Learn more about the EZ  Knottm

 Use the EZ Knot with The super sonic spoon and all your lures/hooks